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A Guide to Re-Opening for Restaurant Owners in New York

As of the writing of this post, New York COVID-19 cases are continuing to drop, and businesses have slowly started to reopen. For restaurant owners, this is a big relief as they have lost substantial money due to closure of in-person dining. However, the reopening is occurring in stages which vary by region. While restaurants […]

Is This the Time to Franchise Your Tutoring Business?

Tutoring is a booming business. In the U.S., it is reportedly a $4.9 billion industry. It is considered to be relatively recession-resistant in that parents are reluctant to cut education services to help their children. While in-person tutoring is likely to continue to experience strong growth, online learning may be even stronger. The size of […]

Is a Master Franchise Model Right for You?

As discussed in a previous post, there are several types of franchise models including Single Unit, Multi-Unit Development (or Area Development), Conversion, and Master Franchise. Each has its advantages and disadvantages based on the franchisor’s expansion goals for its business. In a Master Franchise model, the franchisor sells the franchisee the right to offer and sell […]