Services for Franchisees

In Franchising, The Right Legal Team Matters.

Lusthaus Law counsels individuals, small businesses, and global enterprises investing in franchise operations. Whether you are acquiring a single location or a multi-store, geographically dispersed operation, Lusthaus Law will advise you at every step of your engagement, uncovering potential risks, explaining franchisee/franchisor obligations, and protecting your rights as a franchisee.

Franchisee clients rely on our vast experience representing single-unit, multi-unit, and multi-state franchisees in the development and operation of their franchises. They count on our careful review of disclosure documents, franchise agreements, and our commitment to press forward in negotiations with an eye towards their best interests.

At Lusthaus Law, we know that buying a franchise can be an effective way to fast-track your business ownership dream. The key is understanding your potential risks, your rights, and your obligations. For more than 20 years, we have guided franchisees to the best possible franchise agreements by delivering a full repertoire of franchise-related and general business services.


Reviewing a Franchise Agreement

Sale of an Existing Franchise

Dispute Resolution

FDD Review for Franchises

Area DevelopmenT

Master Franchises

Negotiating a Franchise Agreement

Purchase of an Existing Franchise

Commercial Leases for FranchiseEs

If you are an individual, small businesses, or global enterprise investing in franchise operations, contact Lusthaus Law today.