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You deserve effective legal counsel at every stage of your business’ development. Whether you are starting a business, or are responsible for minimizing the legal exposure and compliance oversight of a large multinational corporation, you deserve effective legal counsel at every stage of your business’ development. For more than 20 years, Julie Lusthaus has helped companies manage operations, tackle business challenges and minimize risk effectively and cost-efficiently.

How Do You Manage Your Business and Minimize Risk?

Running a successful business, whether you are a solopreneur or the general counsel/chief operating officer of a multi-state conglomerate, is complicated. Every business in every state operates under a wide variety of city, state and federal laws, as well as a host of administrative regulations.

Starting a Business?

There are laws specific to your industry detailing how to properly form and run a new business. There are laws specific to structuring corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. What kind of business structure serves you best? How do you set up your business’ structure correctly…and compliantly? Will there be more than one owner? What documents must be prepared, who files them, and where? What will you name your company? Is it already taken? Do you need specific licenses to operate in your state? All questions that must be answered with care.

Buying or Selling a Business?

The laws governing the sale, purchase of a business or a merger are also complex. Buying a business with real estate, leasing equipment, hiring employees, buying supplies? You’re juggling business law, real property law and employment exposures. Signing contracts? That’s contract law. Problematic seller misrepresented the scope of that business? Or, an underfunded buyer unable to fulfill a contract?  You’ve got a legal battle.

When Should You Ask for Help?

The minute you hatch your new business idea. The moment a seller invites you to acquire or merge with their business or practice. Or you are selling your business and you find yourself facing a buyer’s counsel without representation of your own.

At every stage of your business’ evolution – from start-up to succession, acquisition or merger, Lusthaus Law can help you with:

  • Corporate Formation and Structure
  • Owner Agreements
  • Contract Drafting and Related Business Negotiations
  • Operations/Management Issues
  • Lease Review and Negotiations
  • Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Requirements Contracts and Other Supply Agreements
  • Financing Documents, including Guarantees, Promissory Notes and Security Agreements
  • Indemnification Agreements
  • Buy/Sell Agreements and other Business Succession Documents
  • Dispute Resolution

Be prepared. Let’s talk about your business. Call Lusthaus Law at 914-265-4100 for appropriate, accessible legal advice and counsel.