Franchisees Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution for Franchisees

Most franchise agreements are long-term engagements. They have a term of anywhere from 5 to 10 to even 20 years. Franchise ownership thus creates a longstanding relationship and as with any relationship, there will be conflict at some point – major or minor.

At Lusthaus Law, our long history representing franchisors and franchisees in transactions and disputes, make us particularly knowledgeable in assisting franchisees address and resolve disputes with franchisors.

Whether the dispute involves claims relating to a franchisor’s fraud in the sales process or ongoing relationship issues such as new or onerous system standard requirements; supplier issues; encroachment by the franchisor or other franchisees; or a franchisee’s purported failure to pay royalties and other fees or to comply with system standards, Lusthaus Law can help.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing franchise agreements and providing advice as to the rights and obligations of the parties and the various methods of dispute resolution;
  • Finding business solutions for franchisees and their franchisors to resolve disputes;
  • Assisting franchisees with responding to notices of default and avoiding threatened termination.

For those times when a dispute cannot be resolved without a formal process such as mediation,  litigation or arbitration, Lusthaus Law works closely with clients to secure results that best meet their needs and to help them resolve conflicts wherever they occur by tapping into our relationships with experienced franchise and business litigators nationwide.

If you have a dispute with your franchisor, contact us to discuss the best options for resolving that dispute. Call Lusthaus Law at 914-265-4100 for appropriate, accessible legal advice and counsel.