Maintaining Quality Standards in Franchising

The brand and the reputation of a franchise is rooted in quality. Customers expect the same level of service and quality in each franchise location they visit. Those who do not feel they have received value for their dollar will go to the competition and maybe even worse, leave negative reviews online. 

In this installment, we will explore how a thorough operations manual and continuous training are two of the best ways franchisors and franchisees can deliver and maintain quality standards in a franchise system.

Operations Manuals Establish Clear Franchise Guidelines

A comprehensive operations manual is a critical tool in the franchising model and serves important roles to foster the success and consistency of franchise operations. 

The manual will help promote uniformity across locations, so that all franchisees and multi-unit owners operate in a consistent manner. Furthermore, it should explain procedures for consistency among product preparation, service delivery, and customer interaction. This reinforces the brand’s identity and provides the same experience and quality at each location. 

It also serves as a:

Comprehensive Training Resource. New franchisees can use the manual as a primary training resource, learning the necessary skills and knowledge to run the franchise effectively. It should cover everything from daily operations to customer service standards.

Ongoing Reference. Even after initial training, the manual serves as a reference for franchisees, helping them refresh their knowledge and stay up to date with best practices. Franchisors often update the manual to reflect changes in the system and provide more direction.

Training Programs

The need for ongoing training cannot be stressed enough. When the products, services and the technology used in the operation of franchise units evolve, the franchisor may need to implement changes to procedures and standards.  

Franchisors can provide ongoing training to franchisees and their managers (provided of course that those managers have signed applicable confidentiality agreements). 

The “tone from the top” is not always relegated to the franchisor, however. The onus is also on the franchisees to note and act on changes to state and federal laws and update training to employees appropriately. 

On a pragmatic level, employee turnover will necessitate additional and ongoing training. Franchisees who invest in regular training will demonstrate to employees that the company is committed to their professional growth. This investment can increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.

Compliance, Health and Safety

Franchisees must take the lead on training to reinforce that more than just branding and uniformity are important.  

Health and Safety: Regular training on health and safety standards helps prevent accidents and creates safer environments for both employees and customers. For example, drivers need to know local and state speed limits, and food preparers must follow cleanliness guidelines. 

Regulatory Compliance: Legal and regulatory requirements from applicable state agencies and federal agencies such as the FTC, OSHA, CDC and the FDA, should be consulted to reduce the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties. 

Regular training sessions that stress the importance of compliance, health and safety measures will all lead to continuous improvement at individual locations and reinforce quality standards.

Check and Refresh the Manual

The operations manual is a document that regularly updates and evolves. NY franchisors should use their manuals to keep NY franchisees updated on changes to the brand’s standards and best practices. Franchisees should regularly review the manual to provide current training and to reflect the quality standards for which the franchise is known. 

Quality assurance is a broad topic that will continue to be explored in Lusthaus Law’s Insights. Before committing to any legally binding agreements, speak with a qualified NY franchise lawyer to determine the needs of your franchise business. 

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