What Franchisors Should Look For In A Franchise Consultant

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Franchisors and franchisees can benefit from the services of franchise consultants. They help develop the franchise system and aid in the sales process by identifying qualified candidates. Franchise consultants have insight that can ultimately help both parties as they expand their presence and grow their brands. 

Franchisors have much to gain from the services of a consultant, but should not blindly enter into a relationship. A brief review of the services frequently offered by a consultant will help determine if aligning with one is right for you.

What Is A Franchise Consultant? 

Sometimes known as a franchise broker, the consultant is hired by the franchisor to help foster development and drive sales. 

The best consultants are already knowledgeable about the practice of franchising. Some are former franchisors and executives themselves and understand what it takes to develop a concept and establish locations and an overall presence in an area. Further, they also have an ear to the ground and know the competition, as well as local and national markets. By combining their perspective with an ability to assess market data, the consultant helps franchisors: 

  • Develop concepts that can flourish as franchises
  • Map territories 
  • Create training programs and operations manuals 
  • Connect with suppliers, and more.

Furthermore, consultants can bring value to the sales process by acting like a business match-maker. There are many entrepreneurs looking to enter the market and experienced operators seeking emerging opportunities. A consultant can help identify and vet qualified franchisee candidates. 

Benefits of Using Franchise Consultants 


Consultants know what it takes to build a franchise from the ground up. They are mindful of customer experience and employee engagement and how to incorporate those critical details into operational processes. 

Technology, for example, is often at the core of business operations. From managing inventory and answering phones and emails to accepting on-site credit card payments, franchises rely on technology in various ways. When considering the bottom line, the right technology will enable franchisees to seamlessly report critical data to you – from financials and sales reports to customer information. 

Additionally, the consultant can suggest or develop training so that employees and management use the same shared wireless network, software, and even point of sale (POS) systems. If employees and management were onboarded using the same platforms, the consultant will have helped ensure more seamless operations. 

Sales Process
From the outset, the consultant saves the franchisor time and research in finding the next owner or operator who can expand the presence of the brand. Their work should whittle down dozens – if not hundreds – of potential franchisees to just a few candidates for you to meet.  

This will help establish that the new operator has long-term goals that align with those of the franchisor and confirm that the candidate is an appropriate brand representative. 

What To Look For In A Franchise Consultant 

Just as the franchise consultant will vet candidates, franchisors should also research the consultants. The best consultants are the ones who have:

  • An easily-accessible digital profile on their own site, LinkedIn, or professional networking site. 
  • A portfolio of past clients or locations, featuring testimonials.
  • Proven ability converting concepts and local brands into franchises.  

It is critical to know that aligning with a consultant will not remove all the risk in the franchise process. Unlike in real estate, there are no broker licenses in franchising, which means anyone can become a consultant. That further reinforces the franchisor’s need to conduct research, which can include talking to a consultant’s past clients.

We Can Help

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